Your new generation of masks

Balance is the new simple.

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New variants of different viruses and Covid-19 are still sticking to our daily lives, Zappamask offers a high perfoming and scientifically proven N95 quality mask with nanofiber filtration to ensure the best and most reliable protection.

All Day Comfort and Style

Sustainable and Reusable with Replaceable N95 Nanofilter


    • Scientifically-proven Protection
    • High-Performing
    • Fashionable
    • All Day Comfort
    • Reusable & Sustainable

The Right Color For You

Never compromise, find the style that speaks you.

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Affordable priced product (N95) accessible by general public that
is scientifically-proven to be against COVID-19 and other
air-borne diseases.

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Masks are here to stay. We are getting used to them, but why should we merely tolerate them – when they can improve our quality of life?

I believe we can do better, ZappaMask is the answer.